Life Insurance Policy Review or Purchase (Life Settlement)

I am a licensed Life Settlement Broker. How can this benefit you? Your existing  Life Insurance policy has a hidden value that can be turned into an immediate care_costs_dementia_womanLife Settlement.

Your Life Insurance policy is more than a death benefit – it also has value that you can access today.  Life Insurance is a form of personal property; like your home, car or other valuable assets. Just like these assets, your Life Insurance policy can be sold for its fair market value.  When a Life Insurance policy is sold for its market value, this is called a Life Settlement. Policies can be term, universal, or whole life policies.

In a Life Settlement, the purchase price is less than the face amount of the policy, but more than its net cash surrender value.  The policy is purchased for a lump sum payment to the policy-owner, and ownership and future premium payments are assumed by the buyer, who also becomes the beneficiary of the policy.  Policies purchased DO NOT have to have any cash value!

Life Insurance is traditionally purchased to provide financial solutions for family or business needs. Over time however, needs and circumstances often change, When changes make a policy unwanted or unneeded, your choices have historically been to terminate or lapse the policy, or to surrender it to the insurance company for its cash surrender value.  Now, you have another option – to capitalize on its market value through a Life Settlement.  A Life Settlement is one way to maximize the BENEFITS out of an ASSET you already own!

A recent variation on the life settlement idea pays the client who needs long term care services a monthly stipend over time – a strategy that is tax and Medicaid friendly.     Don’t Let It Lapse! There is NO CHARGE to review policies, get an approval, or to get funded!