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A toy man in a business suit stands on a pile of $100 bills.

(An) . . .annuity, which started with $100,000 in October 1998, would have had an account value of $176,478 as of Friday’s market close. The S.& P. 500 index fund, which also started with $100,000, would have actually lost money over 10 years, ending with a balance of $81,890. “ NY Times, Oct 25, 2008

Protect your retirement, grow your net worth, guarantee income, and retain your assets by buying fixed or indexed annuities.

NOW!! Annuities with Long Term Care Features
Since January 1, 2011, hybrid income annuities can now be sold with a Long Term Care benefit, which, if annuitized to pay for  LTC, can be received as income tax free. The LTC feature, when triggered, doubles the amount of income the annuity pays out.  Like regular annuities, there are no medical questions required to purchase, and the client can purchase these annuities to age 80. 

Medicaid Annuities

There are only two ways to shield assets from Medicaid that can be done at the last minute. One is by putting some money into an irrevokable funeral trust. The other method is to purchase a Medicaid annuity for the spouse who does not require immediate Medicaid for nursing home.

Life Insurance policies with Long Term Care features are also available. Contact me for details.