Funeral Expenses
Funeral Trust is an “irrevocable trust” designed to protect your assets from any loss. 

In a last minute (or planned) Medicaid spend-down scenario a Funeral Trust will protect your money absolutely. Funeral Trusts are not subject to the Medicaid “look back” period, and can be set up at any time prior to applying for Medicaid. Limited to a maximum contribution of $15,000, this unique policy option will make sure that these funds will be there for your family members when they need it most.  The Trust will pay the funeral expenses regardless of where they are incurred and you can use any Funeral Provider you wish.  This is a highly desirable option to a pre-paid funeral to a single funeral home, as it is a life insurance policy held by a reputable insurer, who will pay the money to whomever you choose after the death of the insured. Tax free exchanges of existing cash value life insurance policies, which would have to be cashed in to qualify for Medicaid, can be used to fund the trust.

Final Expense insurance is designed to address end of life expenses. Policies can be issued in amounts from $1,000 to $50,000. These Whole Life policies can address your specific needs whether it is to pay for all of your final expenses or to supplement an additional policy that you might have already purchased. As an independent agent, I offer a variety of products from a variety of different insurers, guaranteeing that you get the best value for your age and health. Many have simplified medical underwriting with no medical exam required. Once issued, the policies provide permanent coverage with no change in premiums. There may be a waiting period for guaranteed issue policies. 

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will pay to get your remains

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